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Eat the Green Gummi Bears First

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NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 28: A general view of gummy bears at the Alli Simpson Signature Nail Series Launch Event at Dylan’s Candy Bar on March 28, 2013 in New York, New York. (Photo by Ben Hider/Getty Images)

A few years ago when I still had my Costco membership, I would pick up these 5lb bags of gummi bears.  I let my membership lapse because I realized that I only went to Costco to get candy.  My girlfriend and I would snack away mindlessly on plentiful handfuls of small, delicious, fruit-flavored bears and then I noticed that she was picking out specific colors and putting others back into the bag.  I said, “Hey!  Eat what you grab, there’s no picking!”

“But I don’t like the green ones.”

“I’m not a big fan of them either, but it isn’t fair for you to only get the good ones.”

“Fine, I’ll throw the green ones out.”

“No!  There’s no need to throw bears out, eat the green ones first.”

“What?  Why?”


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksging to everyone!

What would this day be without the (in)famous Turducken?!

Mmmm! Turducken! (credit: Food Network)

“What the hell is a ‘Turducken’?” You may ask? Well, according to, it is defined as:

a boned turkey stuffed with a boned duck that is stuffed with a small boned chicken, sometimes also containing a breadcrumb or sausagemeat stuffing

For your enjoyment, here’s a link to Paula Deen’s Turducken recipe from the Food Network website.

Enjoy! And remember your sweatpants!


Hello, world!

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It seems like whenever someone is learning a programming or scripting language, the first thing the tutorials have them do is create some code that, when executed, displays the phrase “Hello, world!” on the screen.

Thus, the title of this post.