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Posted by iamsupergeek on

Metallica played at the Target Center last night!  This is normally where I add a comment about the opening band(s)… but there wasn’t an opening band… there was an opening comedian.  You read that correctly, Metallica didn’t have an open band act, they had Jim Breuer open for them.

Don’t get me wrong, Jim is a funny guy – which is a good thing as a comedian.  I mean, if a comedian isn’t funny, I guess they’re still considered a comedian, but they’re most likely VERY underemployed.  I first heard of Jim from the MTV Icon Metallica show in 2003 where he impersonates the members of the band (video quality is crappy).  In the video, you can see them laughing at him, loving his material.  Since then, he has become friends with the band, was the MC at Metallica’s 30th anniversary show in 2011 at the Fillmore Theater in San Francisco, has interviewed them several times, and now the opening act for this leg of the WorldWired tour.