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Self-Deleting Scheduled Task via PowerShell

Posted by iamsupergeek on

Starting with PowerShell v4, there has been cmdlets available to create scheduled tasks instead of using the schtasks.exe program, or the wizard.

My organization is using PowerShell v5.1 and there is a lingering bug from the Windows Vista days relating to setting an “EndBoundary” in order to have a scheduled task expire.  An expiration date/time is needed for the scheduled task to delete itself.  But, if you try to set this using the cmdlets, you get an error message.

This post is a culmination of tidbits I found on several other blog/forum posts, and a metric crap-ton of my own trial and error.  All because I wanted a scheduled task to delete itself once it was done.  That doesn’t seem like much, does it?  Yeah, I didn’t think so either, but it was.  My pain is your gain.


Adventures in Azuran – Part 1

Posted by iamsupergeek on

Two common questions that arise immediately when a new RPG campaign starts are:

  • “Do the characters know each other already?”
  • “If not, how do these strangers agree to go off on adventures together?”

Last Friday night, we had our first campaign session in the world of Azruan, and these questions came up.  This is the recap of how those questions were answered.



Posted by iamsupergeek on

Metallica played at the Target Center last night!  This is normally where I add a comment about the opening band(s)… but there wasn’t an opening band… there was an opening comedian.  You read that correctly, Metallica didn’t have an open band act, they had Jim Breuer open for them.

Don’t get me wrong, Jim is a funny guy – which is a good thing as a comedian.  I mean, if a comedian isn’t funny, I guess they’re still considered a comedian, but they’re most likely VERY underemployed.  I first heard of Jim from the MTV Icon Metallica show in 2003 where he impersonates the members of the band (video quality is crappy).  In the video, you can see them laughing at him, loving his material.  Since then, he has become friends with the band, was the MC at Metallica’s 30th anniversary show in 2011 at the Fillmore Theater in San Francisco, has interviewed them several times, and now the opening act for this leg of the WorldWired tour.


Adventures in Azuran – Part 0

Posted by iamsupergeek on

On August 24, we had our Zero Session for a new D&D 5e campaign set in a homebrew land called Azuran.

What is a “Zero Session”, you may ask?  Well, it’s basically the player group getting together to talk about the campaign in preparation for the actual gaming sessions.  The DM will lay out the campaign concept, talk about the setting, explain what races/classes/alignments are within scope, etc.  It also gives the players a chance to chat with each other, meet everyone (if they don’t know each other already), discuss character options, and roll up characters.